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In loving Remembrance: Rainer Mahr

Rainer was exactly what you can see and feel when you see his picture: a very nice and

sweet person. He was playing saxophone, a poet and a sculptor …he was an artist and always attentive to people.

In «BASIC», our Newsletter, he tried to open the minds by creating a new heading «Food

for thought» where everybody could write in it.

He has been taking care of «The Theoretical Workshops »of the EFBA-P and did three of them.

Let me tell you about the Second Theoretical EFBA-P Workshop:

«He started the workshop with a saxophone solo, to introduce us to the theme. Using the

metaphor of learning the musical code to exemplify that not only emotions are important, but the

brain processes involved. We started to work having two goals for this workshop: to learn about

how Neuroscience and Bioenergetics are connected and to learn to work together, among

colleagues, without being an expert. »

That was the way he was.

He still continued to do the layout of BASIC till the end for 7 years after he ended his

participation in the Executive Committee (EC) to help me. And I really thank him for his nice

attitude. Most of the time he did the pictures for it. And in the frame of the frontpage, did you know that some of them were his art’s pictures? Here are some of them:

Bye bye Rainer, you will always stay in our heart

Annie Nissou

EFBA-P‘s 4th Administrator

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